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Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland

    N'vY is the new arty hotel in the centre of Geneva. Bathed in light, the totally refurbished rooms are very contemporary with fusion-style furnishings. Enjoy state-of-the-art technology, as well as local bars and restaurants that are open around the clock for a tasty treat. And you – want to be the "envy" of all of your friends?

  2. Services

    • Fully refurbished in Decembrer 2012
    • 153 rooms, standard, superior et executive, junior suites and one executive suite with panoramic view
    • Non-smoking floors
    • Grab&Go business café with tactile tables, internet access
    • Lounge bar with DJ in the evenings
    • Food and beverage, 3 areas, 3 menus with no-stop service 6.30 am to Midnight
    • Breakfast: buffet, express or in room
    • Room service 24h/24
    • Conference and banqueting facilities
    • Free WiFi throughout the hotel, iPad available on request
    • Fitness free of charge
    • Massage on request
    • Dry cleaning service
    • Limousine service on request
    • Private garage with valet service
    • Partnership with Diesel: exclusive advantages for our guests; outfits for our staff.
  3. Art at the hotel N’vY

    The hallmark of artists of renown

    Art forms an integral part of the concept dreamt up by Patrick Ribes, permeating every area of the hotel, whether referentially – a Vasarely print here, a little Pop Art there – or through more direct contributions, notably in Tag’s Café where the celebrated New Year graffiti artist Meres One is completing six mural frescos designed especially for this venue. 

    Meres One et Zimad

    Meres One is the founder and curator of 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, an open-air centre devoted to graffiti art located in a former industrial complex in Long Island City, New York. Zimad, a graffiti artist from New York, assisted Meres One in the creation of the design for the Tag’s Café.   


    Zimad, a graffiti artist from New York, assisted Meres One in the creation of the design for the Tag’s Café.

    Triny Prada

    This Franco-Columbian artist was recently selected for the 2013 Venice Biennial.In her creative process, the drawing comes first, then the canvas on which the line depicts the faces of composers who inspire her.

    Jean-Pierre Rives

    Originally famous for being captain of the France rugby team, Jean-Pierre Rives re-invented himself as a sculptor. He rapidly emerged as an outstanding contemporary sculptor. His "scrap”, now even grace the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris - the first sculptor since Rodin to be honoured in such a way. 

    Damien Richard

    A pioneer in several winter sports, Damien Richard’s connection with the forces of nature is the common thread running through his life. 

    David Cintract

    A painter, photographer and artist, David Cintract is the brain behind the “Pop Libre” movement, largely influenced by the legacies of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

    Mr. Brainwash

    The pseudonym of Thierry Guetta, is a French urban artist living now in the USA.

    Bruno Catalano

    In the spring of 2005, a Parisian gallery exhibited for the first time the bronzes of a young sculptor from Marseille, Bruno Catalano. Deteriorations on one of his sculptures inspired him and led to a new direction for his work.  

    Annabelle Delaigue

    Annabelle Delaigue was born in Dijon in 1974 in an environment surrounded by sculpture.

    • N'vY Bar David Cintract N'vY Bar David Cintract
    • N'vY Bar N'vY Bar
    • N'vY Bar Mr. Brainwash N'vY Bar Mr. Brainwash
    • Tag's Café Annabelle Delaigue Tag's Café Annabelle Delaigue
    • Tag's Café - Cross Road Tag's Café - Cross Road
    • N'vY Bar David Catalano N'vY Bar David Catalano
    • N'vY Lobby Jean-Pierre Rives N'vY Lobby Jean-Pierre Rives
    • N'vY Lobby Triny Prada N'vY Lobby Triny Prada
    • N'vY Damien Richard N'vY Damien Richard

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